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Chris’ musical roots delve into the realms of Saints and Sinners, embodying the dichotomy of his heritage. From one grandfather, a band member of the legendary Jerry Reed, Chris inherited the sinewy threads of traditional Country music, seasoned with the grit and swagger of honky-tonk—a realm where tales of life’s darker, more tempestuous side are spun into melodies. This lineage bestowed upon him a legacy of sinners, with songs that echo the trials and tribulations of human existence, wrapped in the raw authenticity of Country sounds.

On the flip side, his other grandfather, the musical director of a Primitive Baptist church, instilled in Chris the sanctified echoes of gospel music. This heritage, belonging to the saints, imbued his soul with spiritual depth and a sense of redemption, offering a luminous counterpoint to his darker country influences. The gospel’s soulful vibrations and profound expressions of faith introduced him to the transcendent power of music to uplift and heal.

Chris Allen masterfully blends these contrasting influences into a unique genre of his own. His music navigates the shadowy backroads between sin and salvation, weaving narratives that explore the human condition through a lens that is at once haunting and redemptive. His sound is a dusky amalgam, where the whiskey-soaked tales of the night are met with the hopeful light of dawn, creating a space where every song is a journey from darkness into light.



Late Night Honky-Tonks

Wreck of the N.C. & St. L Train


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